Our music ministry at First Baptist Belmont continues to be blessed with the leadership of Bonnie Johnson and the numerous volunteers and participants that make special events and each service an act of worship.


Since Bonnie arrived, she has been led to continue our blended service, complete with choir, praise team, cherished hymns, and contemporary worship and praise music. The piano is a constant but the additions each Sunday are ever changing and can include synth, violin, guitar, hand drums and collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Belmont.


Bonnie has also led us into special areas of worship with this year's special depiction of the Last Supper, 2 years celebrating the birth of our Lord with an outdoor, live Nativity that has truly drawn many and created awe and wonder that is quickly slipping from our world. 


We'd love to have you join the choir or add to the growing ensemble. 


2017 Palm Sunday | Last Supper
2016 Palm Sunday | Last Supper
2015 Live Nativity

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